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I Love My Family: Purdue University Student Killed in Residence Hall 2023

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University Student Killed in Residence Hall

A Purdue University student killed in residence hall was arrested Wednesday for murder and charged with killing his roommate overnight in a Purdue University Campus dorm in West Lafayette, Indiana, the school’s police chief said.

University student killed in residence hall
University student killed in residence hall

Purdue University Police Chief Leslie Wheate and the Tippecanoe County coroner’s office have identified the murdered student as Data her 20-year-old Varun, who was studying science in her senior year in Indianapolis. I identified it as cheddar.

Jimmy Says University Student Killed in Residence Hall

Jimin “Jimmy” Sha, a junior majoring in cybersecurity and an international student from South Korea, said he called 911 at around 12:00 p.m.
White said at a press conference Wednesday morning to inform police of the death at 45:00 on Wednesday.
Indianapolis resident Varun Manish Cheda, 20, died early Wednesday morning in her first-floor dormitory in McCutcheon Hall, according to Tippecanoe County Coroner Carrie Costello and the Purdue University Police Department.

Costello said Wednesday afternoon that the cause of death was multiple sharp force trauma. Chedda’s roommate, 22-year-old Jimin Shah, is a suspect and is in custody, Purdue announced at a press conference around 10 a.m. Wednesday. Cheda majored in data science.
Purdue University President Mitch Daniels has released a statement regarding the murder.

Dear members of the Purdue community,

I am writing to inform you that one of my students was murdered in his dorm room this morning. The suspect, the victim’s roommate, called police to report the incident and is in custody.

This is an imaginably tragic event on our campus, and our hearts and thoughts go out to everyone affected by this horrific event. We don’t know the details yet. Our Purdue University Police Department is conducting a thorough investigation into this incident and can learn more about what happened.

A university spokesman said an emergency call was made to Purdue University Police at 12:00 p.m.
Wednesday morning at 44:00 from McCutcheon Hall.

A suspect – Chedda’s roommate – calls and is taken into custody. There is no danger to the community, a university spokesman said. The Tippecanoe County coroner’s office Wednesday identified Chheda, who was a college senior studying data science. A preliminary autopsy Wednesday determined Chheda’s cause of death to be multiple traumatic sharp injuries. For more information Click Here.

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