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Why Leslie Feist Leaves Arcade Fire Tour?

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Why Feist Leaves Arcade Fire Tour? Over Misconduct Allegations to Frontman

Canadian singer Leslie Feist, known professionally as Feist, has quit a tour supporting Arcade Fire following allegations of sexual misconduct against the band`s frontman, Win Butler.

In a Pitchfork investigation published at the weekend, three former fans accused Butler of inappropriate sexual interactions during 2016-2020 when they were aged between 18-23 and he aged 36-39. Another claimed Butler sexually assaulted them twice in 2015 when they were 21 and he was 34.


The singer-songwriter donated proceeds from merch sales at previous shows to an Irish organization looking to end domestic violence.Singer-songwriter Feist has left Arcade Fire`s WE tour after opening for the band following sexual misconduct allegations against frontman Win Butler.

Feist opened for the band`s first two shows back since multiple people accused Butler of having “inappropriate” sexual interactions with them “given the gaps in age, power dynamics, and context in which they occurred,Butler admitted to consensual relationships outside of his marriage to Arcade Fire co-founder Régine Chassagne but disputed acting in a nonconsensual manner. Canadian musician Feist has announced that he will no longer support Arcade Fire’s current tour after accusing the band’s frontman Wynn Butler of sexual misconduct.

His Feist, whose full name is Leslie Feist, opened for Arcade Fire on August 30 and he opened for him on the 31st for a recently launched European tour.

Feist donated proceeds from merchandise sales at the show to Women’s Aid Dublin, a group working to end domestic violence in Ireland.

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