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How to Stay Safe While Cycling?

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What are right way to warm up while Cycling?

What is the correct warm-up? The exact formula of cycling tips will vary from person to person, but hitting all intensity zones in a short amount of time is key. To provide a framework that you can adapt to your own needs, the workouts outlined below are a good place to start.

What are right way to warm up while Cycling?

Easy 60-70% FTP in 5 minutes
8 minute gentle incline at 5% per minute. That is, 75, 80, 85, 90, 95, 100, 105, 110%
Easy 60-65% FTP in 2 minutes
Do 3 7 second sprints with 53 second rests at 70% FTP
Easy 60-70% FTP in 2 minutes

And while you want to raise the temperature of your muscles a bit, remember that you don’t want to overheat yourself while cycling or warming up in your trainer. , consider using an iced drink or shortening your warm-up. It is important to keep the body cool.

Here are Few Ways to Help Stay Safe While Cycling

Wear a helmet.

This probably isn’t the first time you’ve heard this, nor will it be the last. It is recommended to wear a helmet when riding a bicycle.

This is certainly a controversial issue, and we also know that wearing a helmet is not everything when it comes to bicycle safety. Cities must do their part by building bike-safe infrastructure. Drivers also need attention. But every single study I read consistently shows that just wearing a helmet reduces the risk of head and brain injuries by up to 63-88%. It’s hard to argue with these statistics. 2. Make sure others can see you.

 Make it visible to others.

The Varia RCT715 rearview radar not only activates your taillights when it detects an oncoming vehicle, but it also sends visual and audible notifications to your Edge® cycle computer or compatible smartphone to let you know when a vehicle is approaching.

What are right way to warm up while Cycling?

will let you know. Notifications allow you to assess your opponent’s position and speed to see if you need to stop and give yourself time to pass.

Stay connected in case of emergencies while cycling.

Garmin Edge cycling computers offer an incident detection feature that can send a message with location information to designated contacts in the event of an incident and assistance is needed.

When paired with a compatible smartphone, Edge devices can send automated texts1 and emails with names and locations to preloaded emergency contacts. c. Let others know the steps you are going to take. Use bike lanes when possible and be aware of your surroundings.

Check equipment before departure

Bicycles accidents are not always caused by rider distraction or an unexpected collision. Bicycle equipment failure is responsible for a significant number of accidents. You can reduce the risk of gear-related accidents by checking your bike, helmet, and gear before hitting the road.

leave the pavement

Sidewalks seem to be a safe alternative when driving alongside large vehicles. However, sidewalk cycling can be incredibly dangerous for a variety of reasons. First, sidewalks are for pedestrians. Congested sidewalks increase the chances of colliding with pedestrians and losing control. Second, sidewalks are more likely to be bumpy than road pavement.

Some Garmin Products Every Cyclist Needs

GPS cycle computer
For example, if you want to explore the world with a GPS map during your bikepacking adventure, the Edge® Explore is the product for you.

What are right way to warm up while Cycling?

It features a large touchscreen, detailed maps, preloaded Garmin bike maps, an on-device course builder that helps you easily navigate and explore new routes, and more.

headlight and taillight

Safety is paramount to Garmin. It is my greatest pleasure not only to be able to wear our products while riding a bicycle, but also to be able to return home safely. Therefore it is important that you are visible on the road. One of his most popular products among cyclists, the Varia 515 rear radar light visually and audibly warns of vehicles approaching from behind up to 140 meters away.

garmin connect app

Garmin Connect is a comprehensive way to track, analyze and share health and fitness activity recorded by paired Garmin devices. Here, you can use the app to see auto-uploaded activities, track more performance metrics than ever before, train with free workout plans to reach your goals, and track your next ride.

power meter pedal

If you want to improve your game while training or racing, you need instant performance data you can trust. This allows you to train and race in the correct power zone, maximizing your time and effort. Plus, it’s a reliable way to track improvements over time. The Garmin Rally™ power meter is the perfect companion for this.


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