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Why Abortion is banned in some U.S.A States ?

Abortion is banned

Abortion is banned

The beginning of pregnancy is calculated from the beginning of the last menstrual period. From this point on, an average pregnancy lasts about 40 weeks.

Post-fertilization: the beginning of pregnancy calculated from the date of conception. 20 weeks post fertilization corresponds to his 22 weeks in LMP.

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Post-implantation: the beginning of pregnancy calculated from the date of implantation of the embryo. 24 weeks after transplantation corresponds to 27 weeks of LMP.

General Health: Defined by the individual physician and includes the patient’s mental and emotional health. We are updating the categories on this page to better reflect access to abortion. States where bans are currently blocked by courts are currently highlighted in orange.

Supreme Court he was picked up by Roe v. Wade. Health care providers, patients, attorneys and state officials struggle to interpret confusing and often conflicting abortion laws written a century ago.

12 U.S.A States where abortion bans

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