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NASA officials postpond historic Artemis I moon rocket launch

NASA Postpond historic Artemis I moon Mission

NASA’ launched Monday and was supposed to bring the Orion capsule back to the Moon to carry three test dummies, was scrubbed due to chronic fuel leaks and engine problems during final preparations.

NASA Artemis I ready to launch their Artemis I moon

The next flight window from Kennedy Space Center in Florida is Friday, when NASA decides the rocket is ready. NASA officials were scheduled to give a course briefing at 1:00 p.m. It’s Easter today.

“Safety always comes first,” he tweeted NASA. “Following today’s  launch attempt, the @NASA  team is working on engine number 3 issues and will hold a press conference later today.”

NASA Artemis Mission I ready to launch their Artemis I moon rocket on Monday

They struggled to supply the rocket with nearly a million gallons of hydrogen and oxygen due to a highly explosive hydrogen leak. This issue also occurred during testing last spring. Launch director Charlie Blackwell Thompson called off the launch attempt around 8:34 a.m., according to NASA.

NASA get ready to launch their Artemis I moon rocket on Monday.

NASA said in a statement that the Space Launch System rocket and Orion spacecraft “remain in a safe and stable configuration.”

Launch controllers continued to investigate why the bleed test to bring the engines on the underside of the core stage into the proper temperature range for launch had failed, leaving no time for the two-hour launch window. Engineers continued to collect data.


NASA ready to launch their Artemis I moon rocket on Monday


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