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Finally: Serena Williams begins US Open Tournament with convincing singles win

Serena Williams’s retired from the U.S.

Serena Williams’s retired from the U.S.

Serena Williams’ anticipated retirement will have to wait, as the 23-time Grand Slam champion beat Danka Kobinic 6-3, 6-3 in the first round of the US Open Monday night.

“I always have to give my best,” Williams told the crowd after the game. “I feel very comfortable on this pitch, especially here.

Serena Williams’s retired from the U.S. Open

“When I go on the pitch, I want to do my best for that day. That’s really all I can do. ”

Williams, 40, has been given what he believes to be Farewell’s tours since he revealed his plans to “evolve” out of tennis in his Vogue first-person essay earlier this month. South open.


is Serena Williams’s getting ready to retire from the U.S. Open Tournament?

Serena Williams won her first match on Monday night in what is expected to be her final US Open.

Williams defeated Danka Kobinich 6-3, 6-3 at Arthur Ashe’s stadium in Flushing, New York City. This stadium is where Williams won her first US Open in 1999, when she was 17.

Earlier this month, Williams, now 40, announced plans to retire from tennis after her decade-long career that dominated and transformed the women’s game, including 23 Grand Slam singles titles for her.
I never liked the word retirement. I don’t think it’s modern. I’ve seen this as a transition, but I want to be careful about how I use the word.It means something very specific and important to a community of people.

Serena Williams’s retired from the U.S.

“Perhaps the best word to describe what I’m trying to do is evolution. I’m here to tell you that I’m evolving away from tennis and towards other things that are important to me. is.
At the post-match press conference, she was asked if this was definitely her last tournament. “Yeah, I was pretty vague there, wasn’t I?” she said with a smile. “You never know, so I am vague.”
But in court, Williams, 40, said it was a difficult decision to move on.

“Please continue to support me as long as I’m here,” Williams said after the game.

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