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A shooter killed 3 Persons in Bend Oregon grocery store

Police say a shooter killed 2 person inside the Bend Oregon store,Another grocery store was the scene of bloodshed after gunmen opened fire with an AR-15 rifle, killing two people and injuring one, police said.

Tragedy struck shortly after 7pm. At a mall in Bend, Oregon, on Sunday, Police Chief Mike Krantz said.
The suspected shooter was found dead at the scene. Police found an AR-15 style rifle and shotgun near the man’s body.

A shooter killed 3 Persons in Oregon grocery store

The motive for the attack remains unknown. However, the FBI reports that this follows a string of other grocery store shootings across the country over the past year, with incidents involving “active shooters” generally on the rise.
Around 7 p.m., a man started shooting in the Forum Mall parking lot in North East Bend. Police announced on Sunday.

The man entered Safeway’s western entrance and shot and killed one who died on the way to the hospital. The gunman continued firing inside the store and shot dead another victim.
Tallori told the newspaper he took his pistol out of his wallet when an employee tried to flee the store and shouted “Go, go, go!” Another shopper at the store, Josh Kaba, told old KTVZ that he was with four children when he heard multiple gunshots.

A shooter killed 3 Persons in Oregon grocery store
A shooter killed 3 Persons in Bend Oregon grocery store

“I immediately turned to the children and said, ‘Run away!’ People were screaming,” he said. “It was a horrible experience.”

Heather Thompson, who was across the mall, told the Central Oregon Daily that she heard multiple gunshots.

“I heard five to eight gunshots. I thought it sounded like a misfire,” Thompson said. “In less than a minute, there were 10-20 shots, and another 10-20 shots. At that point, I went inside and told my father to stay away from the window. And people were running out of Safeway.”

the police chief, said the shooter shot and killed a person at the entrance of the store. The person was taken to hospital and pronounced dead.

His third person who was shot was taken to hospital and is in good condition, said St. Charles His Bend Hospital spokeswoman Lisa Goodman.

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